About me

My name is Mandy de Zwijger, it’s a pleasure to introduce myself!

Photo of Mandy de Zwijger

Having had a wide range of interests for as long as I can remember, I enjoyed taking classes in languages and humanities as well as STEM subjects during my time at school. After passing my first-year university examination in managerial computer science, I started working at a company delivering software to wholesale businesses, where I could combine my interests in language and technology nicely. I took French lessons in my spare time for a few years, and gradually I decided to do even more with languages.

Because of my technical background, I then started working at a technical translation agency. During my time there, I came to know many different aspects of the translation business, which appealed so much to me that I wanted to become a qualified translator. Alongside my employment, I earned my bachelor’s degree in translation, gradually specializing in technical and medical translations over the years. I also became more and more curious as to what it would be like to be at the helm of my own business, partly due to my network of fellow translators and the translations I provided not only at work but sometimes in my spare time as well.

In 2017, I took the plunge and became fully self-employed, adopting MdZ Translations as the name of my new company, and it suits me perfectly! Obviously, I really enjoy translating for my satisfied customers, often working on technical and medical texts. To my great delight, I now also specialize in texts for medical market research fieldwork, such as interview guides and screening questionnaires for clinical trials. But I also enjoy all the other activities that go with owning a business; the versatility of freelancing appeals to me greatly.

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One of my biggest hobbies is reading. Since I am also curious and highly motivated, self-directed learning is easy for me. Another important activity, which might also be called a hobby, is the volunteer work I have been doing in the local animal shelter for many years now. At this shelter, I provide linguistic assistance when needed, but mostly I take care of the cats. For instance, I know how to earn the trust of even the most frightened felines, and it pleases me tremendously when my efforts make it possible for these cats to start trusting other humans again as well.

I also enjoy solving puzzles in the broadest sense of the word: from doing sudoku to solving computer problems and repairing things. Various forms of creativity are an important aspect of my personality as well; whether I am busy with DIY or painting, I feel completely at home when I am creating something. In every context, I prefer to proceed with care and with a keen eye for detail – an approach that is obviously also very handy while translating.

Hopefully, you now have a good impression of who I am. Would you like to know more? Please visit my profile on LinkedIn or contact me!