Specialist areas

Businesses can rely on me for translating texts from English into Dutch and for proofreading Dutch texts. I provide translations of general texts such as newsletters, press releases and correspondence, as well as creative translations such as descriptions of hotels and surrounding areas for tourism. I also translate privacy statements and other GDPR-related texts. Moreover, as a highly educated linguist with a technical background, over the years I have specialized in technical and medical texts and in translations for medical market research fieldwork.


Photo of a mobile phone

Technical translation is a very broad discipline, and the translations I provide in this area range from consumer electronics and IT to industrial equipment.

Regarding consumer electronics and electrical engineering, my translations have included brochures for home appliances and media players. Other examples are instructions for telecommunications solutions such as telephones and networks, measurement and control equipment such as infrared thermometers, and sustainable energy installations such as solar panels.

In IT, I translate manuals and user interfaces regarding hardware and software of computers and operating systems. Furthermore, I translate texts combining automation and logistics, such as manuals for conveyor belts and packaging machines.

Photo of a car engine

For the automotive sector, I frequently translate texts such as instructions for garage staff on such topics as maintenance and product recalls, manuals for garage equipment such as car tire testing machines, and user guides for passenger cars, lorries and lift trucks.

Moreover, I frequently translate texts that involve some overlap between technical and medical fields.


Medical translation is also within the scope of my specialties, especially in areas where the medical and technical fields converge.

Photo of a hand through x-ray

Some of the texts I work on are for patients or consumers. One example is medical devices, such as user manuals for home blood pressure monitors and fitness equipment user guides. I also translate instructions regarding respiratory aids, such as inhalers and aerosol delivery systems. The texts I translate for the pharmaceutical industry are patient information leaflets.

I frequently translate texts regarding audiology as well, such as hearing aid brochures and all kinds of texts relating to cochlear implants that take over functions of the damaged inner ear in transmitting sounds to the brain.

Furthermore, I also work on physician-facing documentation. For healthcare providers, I translate all kinds of texts about e.g. MRI scanners and medical instruments such as for vessel-sealing technology in endoscopic surgery.

Medical market research fieldwork

Photo of interview

The texts I translate regarding fieldwork for medical market research include guides and scripts for conducting interviews to gather medical knowledge in various countries. In those interviews, professionals working in such fields as diabetes, thrombosis or cancer answer a wide range of translated questions about product profiles ­– and I translate those product profiles as well. Based on these answers, pharmaceutical companies can then continue developing their products and medicines and bringing them to market. However, before being able to take part in such an interview, screening questionnaires are used to make sure the professional qualifies for this specific study.

In clinical trials, these kinds of screening questionnaires are also used to determine if a patient is suitable for a research study on a new treatment. I also translate these prescreening questionnaires that are used in the selection process, as well as the consent forms in which the selected professionals or patients indicate what they do and do not agree to.